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6 Important Features of a Good Rental Property in Lee’s Summit

When you’re looking for a rental property in Lee’s Summit, you want to buy something that will attract good tenants and earn you a healthy return on your investment. There are six important features that make rental properties desirable in this area. When you’re buying or preparing to put your own home on the market, try to hit as many of these things as possible.

Look for a Great Neighborhood in an HOA

Make sure your home is located in a fantastic neighborhood. We really cannot overstate the importance of the neighborhood. One of the things that really makes your property attractive to tenants is an HOA. If your home is located in an HOA, you can rely on that association to protect your investment and keep the subdivision looking good and performing well. That can protect the value of your asset over time.

Choose a Home with Integrity

The integrity of the home needs to be good in order for it to be a successful rental. Look for something with low costs and an easy to maintain approach. This will help you efficiently manage the home and keep the tenants happy.

Property Size Matters

Look for something that has enough space for tenants to feel like they are in a comfortable home. Most tenants look for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom rental property.

Keep the Property Clean and Modern

A good rental property is clean and well modernized. You don’t want to try and rent a home that has dated appliances or old carpets. Make sure you keep the property up so it looks good to tenants.

Garages for Tenants

Garages are nice and something that tenants will really respond to when they are looking for desirable rental homes.

Maintain Curb Appeal

When tenants pull up to the property, they want it to look inviting. Give them a reason to go inside. You can do this by providing a property with great curb appeal from the front.

These are just some of the things we look for in a great property. If you incorporate them into 6 Important Features of a Good Rental Property in Lee’s Summityour rental home, you’ll attract quality tenants quickly. That keeps your vacancy rate lower and your profits higher. Look for a clean, well maintained home that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is located within an HOA. If you need any help locating a good investment property, please contact us at Midwest Property Resources.

Posted by: midwestpropertyresources on June 14, 2016
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