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Property Management Test Questions that Lee’s Summit Homeowners Should Ask

There are some essential questions you should ask your potential manager when you’re looking for Lee’s Summit property management. Today, we’re discussing some of those so you can be better prepared to interview management companies.

Marketing Program

Find out if the property management company has a marketing program and if so, what it entails. At Midwest Property Resources, we include marketing on all the major home sites and a walk-through video of the property.

Property Protection

You’ll also need to know what policies and procedures are in place to protect your Lee’s Summit investment property. Ask if they document the condition of the property with photos and video before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out. You need to know what they’re doing to keep your investment protected.

Eviction Process

Ask if the property management company has ever had to evict a tenant. This is important because evictions don’t happen that often if the work is being done up front. However, a Lee’s Summit landlord does want to be sure that their property management company has experience with evictions. Going before a judge to get an eviction processes properly is a big part of professional management.

Tenant Management

The tenant screening process is also important – ask if they use a credit bureau and how they make sure you’re getting the perfect tenant for your Lee’s Summit rental property. Find out what they do to retain great tenants. You want tenants who are taking good care of your property to stay longer. We like to keep our tenants happy and paying their rent on time while they take care of your investment.

Communication Methods

It’s important to know how your property manager will communicate with you. It might be text, phone calls, or some other way. Make sure the communication system is effective and matches how you want to be communicated with.

Rates and Fees

You’ll need to know how much a Lee’s Summit property management company costs before you hire them. You get what you pay for. At Midwest, we are not the most expensive nor are we the cheapest in town. We prefer to find a balance that benefits you; where we provide high quality cost effective services. You have to ask what the monthly management fee doesn’t include. Many companies will layer in additional fees on top of their monthly management fee. You want to know up front if a service is covered or not, and what the cost will be if it goes beyond your management fee.

If you have any questions about investing in Lee’s Summit or anything pertaining to property management, please contact us at Midwest Property Resources.

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