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Tips on How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Lee’s Summit, MO

Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite winter blues: frozen pipes. This year in the Kansas City area, we are seeing crazy temperature fluctuations. The dramatically rising and falling temperatures are causing a lot of frozen pipes, and quite a mess.  

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Vacant properties are particularly vulnerable to having their pipes freeze when temperatures drop. No one is in the house to identify the risks and prevent your pipes from freezing. So, if you have a property that happens to be vacant during the winter months, make sure you have someone checking in on a regular basis.

How to Tell if Your Pipes Are Frozen

Any pipes that are facing a north wall or an exterior wall are especially at risk. It’s a good idea to leave the water on so there’s a slow drip. You can also open the cabinets under the sinks. Check to make sure your heat is functioning and not set too low. Usually, setting the heat at 50 seems like it should be okay, but 60 degrees is actually a safer bet.

We have experienced crazy temperature swings. One day, it will be minus 25 degrees and then four days later, it’s suddenly 60 degrees. All of this variation is causing headaches we don’t always see in this area.

Consider Winterizing Your Home

Perhaps your home is vacant for an extended period because you’re doing some renovations between tenants or because the market has slowed down during the winter. Whatever your reasons for having a vacant property, consider having it winterized. Even if you have all utilities on, systems fail. If someone is not there taking care of the property every day, things do happen. Water damage can be a huge expense and may cause additional problems. You want to avoid frozen pipes if you can.  

If you have any questions about preparing your investment property for the winter, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Midwest Property Resources. We’d be happy to share additional information.

Posted by: midwestpropertyresources on February 13, 2018
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