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About Us

We live in an age where the challenges of building wealth for retirement have never been more complex. We all saw (and many of us experienced first hand) the troubling economic times as they related to the industry that began back in 2008. Unfortunately there is a growing disconnect regarding exactly how funds, stocks and even entire companies are positioned with regards to long-term prosperity in favor of short-term gains.

With that in mind, Midwest Property Resources, LLC was founded on a simple idea – we believe in using “real” assets to create “real” wealth through real estate, period.

Founded by Chris and Trisha Goodale, Midwest Property Resources, LLC was created to service the need of the residential market with clean, affordable and profitable proprieties in and around the SE Kansas City area. Working with Midwest Property Resources, LLC means that you’re getting more than just a service provider – you’re getting a true partner that is prepared to effortlessly blend the world class technologies of a large property management and leasing company with the small-town feel that you’ll only get from a locally owned and operated business. Chris and Trisha use their years of experience to help their clients make the most informed, actionable and sound decisions for their clients’ investments on a daily basis.