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Lee’s Summit Property Management Blog

Traditional Investing is Complicated, Invest in Lee’s Summit Real Estate Instead

Many people are still feeling the effects from the blowback that occurred after the last stock market fallout. Everyday investors lost a lifetime of savings they had built up for retirement, and some of them still haven’t been able to recover. We are advised by brokers who make money regardless of whether they recommend good investments or bad. At Midwest Property Resources, we suggest that you consider Lee’s Summit real estate investing instead of or in addition to what you’re already doing. (more…)

How to Leave a Legacy Through Real Estate Investing in Lee’s Summit

People invest in real estate for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons might be to leave a legacy for your family members and loved ones. When you invest in Lee’s Summit, you can use your rental properties to create wealth and consistent cash flow for current and future generations. As experts in Lee’s Summit property management, we want to explain this to you a little further. (more…)

6 Important Features of a Good Rental Property in Lee’s Summit

When you’re looking for a rental property in Lee’s Summit, you want to buy something that will attract good tenants and earn you a healthy return on your investment. There are six important features that make rental properties desirable in this area. When you’re buying or preparing to put your own home on the market, try to hit as many of these things as possible. (more…)

Lee’s Summit Rental Market Update for 2016/2017

We’re providing a Lee’s Summit rental market update for 2016 and 2017, so you understand what you can expect if you’re thinking about purchasing an investment property or turning your own home into a rental. In short, the local rental market is hot. (more…)

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