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Sell Your Home

To maximize the sale value of your home, meet your timeline, and protect yourself from the many legal issues that surround real estate you need a great broker! The good news, there are many great brokerages to choose from, the tough part is selecting one that gives you the confidence your making the best choice for you! With so many advertising the same benefits, how do you choose? Choose a brokerage that share your values, goals and has a proven plan and track record. Check online reviews, ask friends, co-workers and family about their experiences. When you choose Midwest Property Resources, you can be confident you made the best choice! Our business model and agents are grounded in principles to navigate difficult situations and protect you from costly mistakes and worry. We utilize cutting edge technology along with proven strategies that produce market leading results and maximize your home’s value! With MPR you will not only experience a complete worry free solution to selling your home but we hope to enhance your life as well!

• We Create a website solely to feature Your property.
• Professional Narrated Video Walk-thru video Tour Captures Audiences– This is much different than a “Virtual Tour”
• Professional Style Photographs
• Enhanced Listing Details so prospects have the information about your home on the go anytime anywhere!
• Syndication across the Internet maximizes visibility
• Yard Signage with direct links to instant online details, photos, video, and agent contact info.
• In House resources to contractors, cleaners, stagers for seamless market ready preparations.
• Convenient Lee’s Summit Office
• Easy Communications, You choose how to easily communicate with us with your preferred method.
• Grounded Professional Agents and Staff that Navigate Challenging & Emotional Situations with Calm Professionalism and Ease.

Ready to Buy

It can be a very Exciting time when purchasing a home whether you are making a personal purchase or ramping up your investment portfolio. It is important, however, to make sure you have an agent that represents your best interest and has the skillset to be an asset to you in a large asset purchase. An agent can not only save you money but protect you from costly legal mistakes. At Midwest Property Resources you get the best purchasing option by enlisting our services of experience in first time buyers, personal homes, investment homes, or even land. Yes any licensed agent can do all these, but MPR is actively engaged in each of these categories and experienced to help you make money saving/making choices and protect you against the specific issues that can arise. MPR is fully transparent, and we don’t charge hidden or additional fees for processing, filing or marketing! Investment Purchases: No investment consulting fees when you use MPR to help you purchase an investment property! What this means is, for about the same cost or less than many other brokerage charge for regular real estate services, we include investment asset purchase advice for FREE when you enter a buyer agency agreement with us!

• Niche Market Knowledge of Communities
• First Time Home Buyers
• Buyers Agents with construction experience can help identify potential maintenance issues that can make or break a good deal
• Investment Purchases, Don’t gamble, know that it will perform! (Market Experts-No additional consulting fees!)
• You choose! Communicate easily with your preferred method.
• Be the first to know! Customized search parameters deliver available properties to you as they come on the market.

Buying or Selling Investing Properties

Our brokerage is specialized in Real Estate Investments. Not all properties make a “Great Investment!” Don’t settle for just any advice when you invest in your future. You deserve the best. Broker Chris Goodale, can help you find the perfect investment property that will perform for you. At MPR you pay No Extra Investment Consulting Fees for our Agency Real Estate Services when buying or selling! With no extra cost, there’s no need to risk your investment’s performance with anyone else. Chris will work with you to understand the numbers, strategies’, and criteria that make an investment property perform its best for you! See More on Real Estate Services

Purchasing an Investment Property

While there is always risk when capital is invested, real estate offers many unique ways to mitigate that risk that are not available in other investment opportunities. Investing in Real Estate can be a very rewarding endeavor to partake in, but to make it so you must be equipped with the right tools or it could be the worst adventure you’ve ever taken. You may have even heard horror stories from friends or family that have tried it before with negative results. These stories are often from regular folks that didn’t have the experience, took advice from the wrong people, or didn’t enlist the right team. Other times they don’t think they can afford to hire professional help. Whatever the reason, it turns into a negative situation that cost more than just the money with heartache and headaches.

With an experienced investment brokerage behind you, you have all the tools at your disposal to make sound judgements that result in a positive investment experience. The risk begins before you ever purchase your first property. Our Team at Midwest Property Resources work with you to make sure your investments will be a success. We put our experience to work for you to align your goals with a plan that will produce results you can expect. With Midwest Property Resources you can expect Honest, Educated, Transparent, Friendly, Informative, Rewarding, experience. We find performing properties that meet your goals, and negotiate the best deal for you. When you choose MPR ‘s buyers agency to represent you when buying an investment property you get more than agent representation, you get our investment expertise and the assurance that brings that your property will be a success. Why risk your hard earned investment capital with anyone else when you can have the best! We focus on a small number of communities within a 20 mile radius of our office in Lee’s Summit, this allows us to be immersed and extremely knowledgeable with current market conditions and understand these communities well.