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How to Prepare a House to Rent Out in Lee’s Summit, MO


Effectively renting a property means you have to get it ready for the rental market. Today, we’re discussing how to get your home ready to lease. You’ll want to evaluate the property for its condition and feature characteristics, and how they apply to market desirability and demand. You also need to take care of maintenance issues. (more…)

Tips on How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Lee’s Summit, MO

Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite winter blues: frozen pipes. This year in the Kansas City area, we are seeing crazy temperature fluctuations. The dramatically rising and falling temperatures are causing a lot of frozen pipes, and quite a mess.   (more…)

Should You Buy a New Lee’s Summit Investment Property with Prices on the Rise?

Many Lee’s Summit owners and investors are wondering whether or not they should buy a new investment property in the current market, with prices on the rise. You may be frustrated or scared about the recent market trends, but they can be managed. Maybe you’re still buying properties and maybe you’re not. If you aren’t, it could be due to the fact that home prices are going up. You may be wondering if it’s still possible to find a good deal. There are a lot of things to look at to make sure your portfolio is intact and on track to meet your goals. (more…)