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Turnkey Rental Properties

Not every home is ready to lease out directly following a purchase; in fact many homes are not. The goal is to apply improvements to make it a great rental property, strategically and efficiently so your property begins producing positive results. This requires careful planning and strategic use of your resources in order to ensure cash flows are moving and the attention to the right details have been made to safeguard your investment.

MPR acts as liaison between you and trusted/licensed contractors that we have worked with for years. We identify key issues in both cosmetic appeal and property integrity that can directly impact the bottom line of your investment. We make recommendations on where to focus improvement resources and where not to, and how those will impact your investment picture. We also coordinate with the contractors for access to the home, design ideas/selections, handle consolidated scheduling and billing to make your life simpler. This helps produce positive results by having a property that represents what the market is demanding and safeguarding your property from the result of neglected maintenance.

Insurance Claims

Life happens, we are here to help.
We can coordinate with your insurance company and contractors to get bids for storm damage, pipe burst or other types of insurance claims. We can then coordinate contractors to complete the work while maintaining peace with the current tenant in the property.

Fix It Up and Sell it

You may be considering selling your home and know that it needs a little work prior to going on the market. Don’t struggle to assemble a team of contractors when we already have trusted relationships in place you can put to your advantage. Life’s complicated enough, let us simplify yours by being your one point of contact and only fix the things that need fixing and save money for your next purchase or adventure.