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Owner FAQs

How do I know how much to charge for rent?
One of our expert leasing agents can help you determine the current market rent for your home. Combined with our professional experience and state of the art rental rate comparison tools we maximize your property cash flows. Get a Free Rental Rate Evaluation!

How long will it take to lease my home?
Demand is very high for rentals year round. We can start marketing & showing your property right away. Having a home that is clean and well maintained go a long way to getting the home leased quickly. Our Innovative Marketing & Leasing Programs are Very effective at making your property productive quickly. So much so that we back them with Guarantees!

How does MPR market my home?
We market all properties on our website, social media and housing specific sites to drive traffic to your home. We also use full-size leasing signs in the yard with scan links to instant online details including photos and a narrated walk thru video tour. Prospects never have to wait to get the information they need when selecting a home! Find out More about our Property Management and Leasing Services

What types of screening do you use?
We triple screen our prospective tenants with a national background, eviction and credit report. We also verify their current employment/income and rental history. Our screening process if very thorough. In fact, we calculate the prospects debt to income ratios, just like a bank would do when someone is qualifying for a mortgage.

How long are the leases?
Our leases are typically 12 months, but we have done shorter leases in situations that work for both the tenant and owner of the property.

I think my property might need some work before its ready to Lease. Should I do the work myself or hire someone? Can you help with that?
Properties that command the best returns and lease the quickest are clean & modern. We put more money in our client’s pockets by pointing out these key areas of their property(s) and facilitate contractor access, bids and scope of work consultations. We produce money saving results that maximize rents & generate income quicker. All this with the same name and faces you trust at Midwest Property Resources. Explore our Construction Services.

Why only Specific Parts of Jackson and Cass County?
While many Property Managers find it hard to resist rapid growth by taking homes spread across the entire metro and beyond, we find that has a negative impact in most cases to most investors. We have identified certain areas to be quality core investment areas with good to great short and long term potential that have proven to produce fantastic results! With our office being centrally located in Lee’s Summit, we are able to operate in these areas efficiently which improves the overall value and competitive advantage that we can deliver to our clients.

For more information about Lee’s Summit Property Management, please visit our educational blog.