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Property Management & Leasing

Since its founding, Midwest Property Resources has been innovating property management and leasing in eastern Jackson County and Northern Cass. We serve the communities of Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Greenwood, Raymore, and others that surround them. Working only in this direct area, allows us the market advantage over our competitors by being extremely knowledgeable of these communities, enhancing efficiencies, and delivering extreme value to our clients.

If you’re new to Real Estate Investments, the idea could be a little overwhelming. One of the primary driving reasons Midwest Property Resources was founded was to make Real Estate Investments more accessible to first time investors! We are your complete solution to investing in Real Estate, whether it’s converting the home you currently live in to an investment property or acquiring a new one(s). We speak in plain language and use simple math anyone can understand regardless of your level of experience to find the right solution for you. We handle and coordinate all repairs, maintenance, and insurance claims. We coordinate cleaning, appraisers, adjuster, repairmen, etc. Your property is prepared to go on the market, so you don’t have to do it.

  • We designed our Leasing Services to maximize profitability and to protect our client’s investments. We then packaged them in a customizable bundle for flexibility and extreme value. Contact us to create your perfect package.
  • Lease Renewal Service Proactively Keeps Your Properties Occupied.
  • We’ve pioneered a tremendous marketing program I’m excited to share with you. It utilizes the latest in technology to reach large pools of potential residents seeking properties for rent. In addition your ad will always appear in a highly professional format that can include both photography and videography. Prospective tenants take a virtual walk-through video of your property conveniently with a click or swipe. Video dramatically increases your property’s ad exposure and audience retention which in turn relates to shorter vacancy rates. In fact, video has been proven to cut vacancy rates in half. For a limited time we are including our Professional Video Tour in our base Leasing package absolutely FREE. (Over a $250 Value!)
  • We offer our Valued Tenant Retention Programs to keep quality tenants in place and uninterrupted cash flow streaming to your account, it’s a win win for clients and tenants alike!
  • Our Annual Property Evaluation Program goes beyond overseeing normal maintenance and helps protect you against major cost that can be avoided. A small leak in the roof or around a window for example could be a simple fix if caught and repaired early. Left unattended however, the problem could spread to other areas of the home increasing property damage, or worse, expensive mold remediation cost to bring the property back to safe health standards. Our Annual Property Evaluation takes a thorough deep look at the homes integrity to catch these issues before they become big issues. Photos and/or Videos are made available as well as an inspection report detailing the findings. The APRs are generally timed so it offers an additional opportunity into the property prior to a lease renewal period in order for MPR and owners to evaluate whether to renew a tenant’s lease as well.
  • Our brokerage is specialized in Real Estate Investments. Not all properties make a “Great Investment”! Don’t settle for just any advice when you invest in your future. You deserve the best. Broker Chris Goodale can help you find the perfect investment property that will perform for you. At MPR you pay No Extra Investment Consulting Fees for our Agency Real Estate Services when buying or selling! With no extra cost there’s no need to risk your investment’s performance with anyone else. Chris will work with you to understand the numbers, strategies’, and criteria that makes an investment property perform its best for you! See More on Real Estate Services
  • We attract and select Quality Tenants who Pay-On-Time. All applicants will undergo a thorough tenant background screening.
  • Credit History
  • Criminal History
  • Employment History
  • National Eviction Search

These are the three areas most property managers check. About a third of applicants nationwide include lies or omissions so we go beyond the standard and verify landlord history information and any past evictions. We also attempt to verify the owner on record. About 50% of the applications we receive at our office don’t meet our standards. This helps to assure you have a great tenant in your rental home. The Tenant will sign an attorney approved lease that protects you. We’ve simplified lives by making it easy for Tenants to pay their Rent Online by CCard or ACH. This relates to faster processing times and quick payouts. No one collects rent Faster!

You can protect your investment with our optional move in and move out inspection video service delivered to you online via a private YouTube link. Security Deposits refunds or claims are prepared per Missouri Statutes. This is extraordinarily important!

24/7 access to your account information is available via the owner portal. Once logged in with your username and password, you can easily see when your money will arrive in your bank account, view monthly financial statements, and keep an eye on your costs. Your rent money is deposited electronically into your bank account in two days. No one pays you faster! We understand accessibility is important, you can easily communicate with us via email, by phone, or online!